Blog By: Matthew Taylor-Farrington | Managing Director


At Purple Bunny Marketing we advise our clients to never delete negative comments on social media.

Why? Because the way a business responds or handles negative comments online can actually be a positive for your business and shows your potential customers you are a business that cares and fixes their mistakes.

If you do receive a negative comment(s), take a deep breath, respond in a calm, respectful manner with the objective of resolving the issue raised. DO NOT get into a fight online, as the moment you win a fight you lose. All you show your customers se is that you are combative and aggressive.

However, we do advise deleting comments that include hate speech, bullying, abuse, or spam, as there is no place for this on social media. If you need help, read through the community guidelines and hate speech policies for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to determine if a comment should be deleted.

Need more advice on how to handle disgruntled customers, read our blog about Handling Disgruntled Customers online or DM us for specific advice.

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