Blog By: Matthew Taylor-Farrington | Managing Director

Let me start by saying that a brand identity is much more than just your logo...

A logo is just one small part of developing a brand identity, having a strong brand identity has become crucial for a business to set themselves apart from the competition.

So what is a brand identity?

A brand identity is your logo, but also the colours you use to represent your brand, your brand values, how your brand communicates, your tone, and how you want people to feel when they interact with your business. Basically your brand identity is the personality of the business and how customers will perceive your business.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”


So what are the key elements to building a successful brand?

1. Establish your values

Before you even develop a logo, you need a purpose, What are your values? Your values and what you stand for is one of the most important aspects of building a brand. Once you have your values, then you be creative with your brand.

2. Your Logo / Face of the business

Your brands logo is the face of your business, but your logo should do more than look cool. A logo’s contribution to your brand is to be associative and to tell the public that this image, means your company. It may not represent that name, but it should align with what you do, what you provide or how you make people feel.

3. Build a personality

A brand personality is crucial, as this outlines they way in which you engage with your customers. Brand personality is an extension of your visual representation and gives your brand a voice and tone.

Are you a serious corporate brand, like Commonwealth Bank or a jovial brand like Boost Juice or maybe you are a confident brand like Nike.

Either way ensure your personality aligns with your values.

4. Establish Brand Guidelines

So you have identified your values, you have a logo, and a brand personality, it’s now time to document EVERYTHING. Your brand guidelines become your template and guide to ensuring consistency in the way your brand is delivered to the public. It is important that the way your brand looks, feels and sounds is consistent to build a strong brand identity. Whether it is online ads, TV commercials, radio commercials or your logo on a sporting team outfit, you should have clear rules and guidelines to ensure maximum brand consistency.

5. Build Credibility and Trust

Now your identity is established, it’s time to build credibility and trust in the community, it is the key to developing a strong and memorable brand. A brand that establishes and maintains face consistently over time, develops credibility with its competitors and establishes trust with its customers.

Lastly, it is important to monitor and maintain your brand. Regularly monitor your Google MyBusiness reviews, social media reviews and comments to get a sense of what people think about your brand and how they interact with you. This feedback is crucial to monitor public perception of your brand and implement changes and improvements in your brand identity, to achieve your core values.

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