Advertising on traditional media platforms like TV, radio, print, outdoor and billboards is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy.


At Purple Bunny Marketing we research your target audience and find the right media platforms to get your brand or message seen. From finding the right platform, to creative and media planning our team can help you get your campaign hoppin!


Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising is still an effective advertising medium with more people tuning in from smart devices and listening to their favourite shows on podcasts.

Radio is most effective when paired with a strong digital campaign, by connecting what people hear with what people see when they are online and ultimately driving higher frequency for your brand or campaign.

Weather your business is regional or in a metropolitan area, radio is a cost-effective way to get your brand heard by the masses. We can craft cleaver radio commercials combined with targeted placements to capture your ideal audience and increase your brands recognition.


Tv Advertising


Television advertising still provides a tremendous amount of reach, with audiences not only on traditional TV, but now also digital streaming platforms, making it easier to deliver more targeted and strategic messaging to engaged audiences.

Aligning your brand with the right television programming or targeted audience on digital streaming is fundamental to a successful campaign.


Print advertising

Print media is not dead! We believe print still has a place in today's digital world. There is still an audience out there that feel print media is a more trusted source for information.

We can help you navigate all forms of print advertising like newspaper, magazines, brochures, flyers and journals with creative copy to entice the masses.

Billboard advertising

Billboard advertising continues to be effective with 37% of drivers reporting they look at or recall an outdoor advertisement. The key to billboard advertising is pushing the status quo with clever messaging and eye-catching design.

You must remember to keep it brief, you want to develop something to entertain and curb someone's boredom on their commute.

Billboard advertising is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and get you on the consideration list.